VPN Error 807

VPN Error 807

VPN Error 807


What is VPN Error 807?

The 807 VPN connection error has more to do with the VPN server than your device.

Error 807 indicates that a connection to the VPN server has been interrupted, simply because of latency issues with the Internet or because the VPN server has reached full capacity.

In both cases, the connection request will be interrupted even before it can reach the VPN server.

VPN Error 807

Reasons Which Might Be Causing VPN Error 807:

  1. Antivirus installed in your PC or Your System firewallis blocking connection to VPN.
  2. You may get error 807 VPN when server is overloaded at the time when trying to make connection.
  3. You have very slow internet connection.

Solutions to Fix VPN Error 807

Take a look at the following easy steps that might allow you to fix your VPN server problems.

Solution 1: Antivirus

We have always emphasized the importance of antivirus and firewall when connecting a VPN service. Always be sure to disable the antivirus or firewall when configuring VPNs on your PCs and laptops.

Solution 2: Check your web connection

Make a point to check if your web connection is working properly or not. Otherwise, restart the router (Wi-Fi) or unplug the LAN and plug it in again.

Solution 3: Check the login credentials

If you encounter this error, check your login credentials and make sure they are correct. Incorrect credentials could prevent the VPN from connecting, causing this error.

Solution 4: Change VPN settings

If you get a VPN 807 error on your PC, it is conceivable that the VPN settings are causing this problem. To resolve the problem, you are prompted to change the VPN security settings.

This is very easy to do, and you can do it by following these means:

  • Open VPN Properties.
  • Navigate to the Security
  • Change the connection type to Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).

Check if the issue is still there. A few clients are recommending to utilize Automatic setting rather than PPTP, so you should need to attempt that also.

Solution 5: Try restarting your router

As indicated by different clients, the VPN 807 error may sometimes appear due to your VPN address. To fix the problem, customers propose to evacuate http: // from the VPN address.

To do this, open your VPN settings and look for your VPN address. Replace the VPN address of “http://vpn.com” with “vpn.com”.

Now, restart your router and check if the error is gone.