Web Development & Security

Web Development & Security


Web development includes many types of web content creation. Western Techies facilitate the web design process. Western techies work closely with our customers and take a very collaborative approach to ensure the visibility of your company’s identity. We think it’s an essential part of designing a successful website. Our procedures are designed to provide a structured process that is simple, supportive, informative and flexible. When it comes to web development, we make sure to use our creativity to make sure you’re happy with everything we do for your business. We will create a unique design for your website, which would be created from scratch, using all our knowledge. We would also do it to create an application that meets your needs.

Web Development & Security

Web services include

Every website or application we build is designed to be scalable, providing maximum benefit for your business and your customers. Superbly designed websites, combined with leading-edge technology, offer your visitors and customers a truly unique experience. We only hire the most qualified developers. This means that only experts will know how they are working on your project. Our team works closely with customers to challenge their direction and inspire new ways of thinking, whether it’s a brand new position, a website or application transformation, or customers who want to offer a better brand and user experience. Following are the provided sevices:


  • Development of e-commerce websites
  • Domain purchase and domain transfers
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Mobile application development (Android and iOS both)
  • Web and server hosting
  • Help with planning and purchasing software
  • Planning materials and resources
  • Custom software development

Our group of trained and certified professionals not only work with business partners, but even understand their business goals and operational requirements, but we also teach them technology and its effective use.


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are actively working with our partners and associates for SEO services. With thousands of keywords in the top rankings, renowned brands as customers, many testimonials from satisfied customers, awards and certifications from leading industry organizations, you can rest assured of our SEO.

We offer the following organic SEO services to grow your Internet business.

  • Off-page and on-page SEO services
  • Ongoing monitoring, regular reports and updates and necessary revisions
  • Build your ecommerce website with original and compelling content optimized for both high ranking search engine listings and a fun user experience
  • Cost-effective and affordable search engine optimization services
  • Selection, implementation and revision of keywords permanently for maximum effect and high ranking
  • Link building


2. Cloud Hosting

Recently, cloud hosting was the preferred choice of website owners when they opted for hosting service. Cloud technology offers a great way to host websites in the most efficient way. Cloud hosting is the most affordable type of hosting relative to the dedicated server or shared hosting because it provides great user flexibility and benefits over traditional hosting options. We are committed to providing you with quality support and working hard to ensure you the best. We strive to recruit the best talent and prepare the proces team and tools to solve problems and find solutions quickly.


3. Web Security

  • Keep Your Software Up-To-Date: It is essential to keep up to date all the platforms or scripts that you have installed. It is important to maintain and update each software you use.
  • Apply A Strong Password Policy:It is important to use strong passwords. A strong password policy must be maintained throughout your organization.
  • Scan Your Website For Vulnerabilities:It is important to periodically perform web security scans to detect vulnerabilities on websites and servers. Web security scans must be done on a schedule and after any changes or additions to your web components.
  • Keep Your Website Clean: Delete any files, databases or applications from your website that are no longer used.
  • Hire a Security Expert:Developing a relationship with a company providing security services can save your life to protect your website.
  • Save Your Data Back Up Your Site Regularly:You must keep backups of all files on your website. Service Provider must provide backups of its own servers, but you must still back up your files regularly.