White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO


What Is White Hat SEO?

The term “White Hat SEO” refers to SEO tactics consistent with the terms and conditions of major search engines, including Google. White Hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat SEO. In general, White Hat SEO refers to any practice that improves your search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity of your website and respecting engine usage conditions. of research. These tactics remain within the limits defined by Google. Examples of white hat referencing:

  • Offer quality content and services
  • Times Fast site loading times and usability for mobile
  • Using meta descriptive tags rich in keywords
  • Make your site easy to navigate

Examples of Black Hat SEO, on the other hand, include the purchase of links or the use of deceptive concealment techniques. Any tactic that is misleading or prejudicial to consumers is considered a black hat. The tactics of Black Hat are extremely risky and, with the evolution of Google’s algorithms, less and less likely.

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Common White Hat SEO Techniques

  • Search by keyword: As we said before, keyword research remains at the heart of any strong SEO plan. Without thorough research on keywords (and their correct use), it is essentially impossible to create well-ranked content in search engines. When searching for keywords, business owners and SEOs should consider the search intent of users for a particular keyword and target the keyword accordingly. These keywords should then be implemented in the content writing and in a range of factors on the page.
  • Quality Content: Using keywords selected in your search, you need to create content to begin categorizing these keywords. However, when creating content, just like selecting keywords, you need to focus on the user’s intentions. You must determine the type of content the user is looking for for that keyword. The content must be long, well organized and optimized with internal links, images and other factors to keep the user interested.
  • Inbound links: Another essential element of SEO is the inbound links, also called backlinks. These links, which are links to an external site leading users to your own website, build the page and domain authority of your site, a major ranking factor for search engines, namely Google. In construction backlinks, there are both white hat and black hat techniques, so you need to be careful in your tactics. Submitting your website to online directories, commenting on industry-related articles and blogs, and requesting guest blogs on similar sites are smart ways to get backlinks.
  • On-Page Optimization: As noted above, creating quality content is not the only domain in which you will need to use the selected keywords. Page factors, such as title tags, meta-descriptions, header tags, and alternate text in the image, must also include keywords. Of course, do not limit yourself to keywords in this regard. You will need to be descriptive in these areas because these factors send signals to the search engines regarding the content of the page. Adding internal links in the site’s content and on various pages is also a good practice because it helps site visitors navigate the site and provides them with relevant pages to click on. In addition, you can use keywords in the anchor text of your internal links to tell search engines what the page is. Just be sure to keep the anchor text linked to the page to which you are linking.
  • Off-page optimization: Off-page optimization focuses on factors that do not necessarily appear on your website, but that affect them. This could include ensuring the consistency of the NAP (name, address, phone number) in all directories, or maintaining a strong presence on social networks on various platforms. Both of these practices can also yield excellent results.

Advantages of white hat SEO

White hat SEO has several benefits for the operator:

  • Cost: In the long run, referencing a white hat is cheaper than a Black Hat SEO, because it is not necessary to repair the violations identified and penalized by Google. A typical example is the manual and tedious removal of spam links in blog comments or forums.
  • Ethics: entrepreneurs opt for the White Hat SEO to justify their positioning in the SERP with their visitors, just for ethical reasons.
  • Security: sites optimized with White Hat SEO are secure against Google Penalties. As a result, Damocles’ sword sales failures caused by a penalty is not always suspended above the site.
  • Coherence: the rankings obtained are generally more stable and, in particular, long-term compared to optimized pages with unfair means, with a probability of penalty.

Importance of White Hat SEO

It is important that webmasters and SEOs only do “white hat” type referencing, as the application of any other method may result in the penalization or prohibition of their websites. This will cause a massive drop in traffic to your website, which will mean the loss of valuable leads and even customers.

White Hat SEO is also the primary way that webmasters can stay in the search rankings for a long time, because the authority and rank of a website can only go up when you practice SEO with White Hat. Being visible for a long time for the right keywords can only bring you advantages: increase in the number of prospects and conversions. That’s why SEO SEO is important.