Windows 10 Error 0x800705B4

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Windows 10 Error 0x800705B4

Windows 10 Error 0x800705B4

The most common errors that Windows users can see are Windows Update errors. Whenever you try to install the updates on the computer, you may encounter different error messages resulting from the failure to install the updates. The error 0x800705B4 is also the common error observed on Windows 10 computers when installing Windows updates.

Windows 10 Error 0x800705B4

How to Fix Error Code 0x800705b4 in Windows 10?

Solution 1: Windows Troubleshooter

Navigate yourself to the windows settings > update and security > troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot > windows update.

Run the troubleshooter and follow the steps wisely, keep a close eye on the information provided and the troubleshooter will automatically detect bugs and repair them automatically.

Windows 10 Error 0x800705B4Use this method to troubleshoot Windows update issues, and then restart the system for these changes to take effect. Double check the Windows update, whether this error code 0x800705b4 is corrected or not. Otherwise, go to another solution and have it repaired.

Solution 2: Uncheck updates for other Microsoft products while updating windows

Although this is a valid point to check as a new update, the features of Microsoft do not allow you to access new features sometimes. Sometimes a crucial update is blocked to allow changes and installation. Follow a few steps to disable it: Search for updates in the search bar> advanced options. Deselect the button, save these changes, and reboot the system. Windows must restart after these changes to have its impact and launch all processes and programs again. Double check if this error code 0x800705b4 is corrected and if you do not lose hope, go to another fix.

Solution 3: Disable installed antivirus

When updating Windows, you must verify that the installed antivirus is not corrupted because third-party providers do not allow users to access the Windows Update feature. Disable the installed antivirus by visiting the provider's website and know how to disable it. There are different methods to disable the most specific antivirus possible. We will ask you to follow the instructions given on the website and make the appropriate changes and then check whether this error code 0x800705b4 is corrected or not.

Solution 4: Windows defender update

Navigate yourself to the windows settings > update and security >  windows defender.

Check if attention is required, whether it is working properly or not, update it to the latest version, and make the necessary changes to make it work properly. You can also fix the defender problem and fix it with error code 0x800705b4. The compliance of all these solutions can help you correct this error code 0x800705b4. While the information you provide is helpful, it can help you simplify your work and find an instant solution to correct this error code 0x800705b4. Also access Windows features.