Windows 10 Error 219

Windows 10 Error 219

Windows 10 Error 219


Windows 10 Error 219 is usually triggered after you upgrade to Windows 10; when you upgrade to Windows 10, the drivers are also updated and applied by Microsoft as part of the Windows 10 upgrade; some drivers may become incompatible with your hardware, which is one of the reasons for Event ID 219.

In most cases, this error is usually related to USB drivers, a faulty power supply, and / or generally incompatible drivers. In this guide, here explain the most common reasons for this error and the solutions to fix it.

Seeing the error message saying: \ Driver \ WudfRd driver could not be loaded for the device in Event Viewer on your computer? Do not worry. You’re not alone. This is usually an easy problem to solve.

Windows 10 Error 219

Reasons and their Solution of Windows 10 Error 219

Reason 1: Reinstall USB Controllers

Solution: Hold down the Windows key and press X. Choose Device Manager from the shortcut menu. Expand USB Controllers and right-click on each one to uninstall them. Once done, reboot your PC, then test to see if the Event Viewer is still recording error 219. If that’s still the case, try the following method.

Reason 2: Some other driver may be incompatiable

Solution: Visit the manufacturer’s website for your system and download the latest drivers from their site. Such as your audio drivers, chipset drivers, graphics drivers, etc.

Reason 3: Run Windows Updates

Solution: Click Start and type Windows Updates. Click on it and start the updates. Apply / Install the updates found. Once done, restart the PC and test.

Reason 4: Failing power supply

Solution: If, along with the identification of the error, your system also experiences shutdowns and restarts, you will need to have your power checked. If it can not handle the load, it can trigger this error, which usually indicates a power failure.