Windows Error 1500 


The Windows error 1500 is a big problem for millions of users because it’s because your system will not be able to process the files and settings it needs to work. The error will prevent your PC from being able to access the installation files needed to process an installation for a program on your PC and will therefore cause your computer to run much slower and with a lot of errors. If you are having problems with error 1500, you should be able to fix any errors that Windows will have – by following the steps on this page.

Windows Error 1500 

What Causes Windows Error 1500 ?

Two or more instances of the Msiexec.exe service can not be started at the same time for two different products. An installation or repair process must be completed before the other process can be started.

How To Fix Windows Error 1500?

Step 1 – Restart Your PC

It’s often the case that restarting your PC should be able to fix this error. You can restart your PC by clicking onto “Start”, and then selecting “Restart”.

Step 2 – Use Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

To fix one of the possible errors in the Windows Installer application, we also recommend that you use a program called “Windows Installer Cleanup Utility”. This is a program created by Microsoft, able to scan your system and get rid of various problems that Windows will encounter with its installer. Here’s how to use this app:

  • Download Windows Installer Cleanup Utility
  • Install this program
  • Open it up and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Try installing your software again

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

The “registry” is one of the most common causes of problems for Windows computers, mainly because of the way it will be used constantly to ensure the proper functioning of your computer. The registry is similar to the “Yellow Pages” of your PC. It contains a large number of important parameters to help your system load the files it needs to run. Although the registry keeps your desktop wallpapers, the latest emails, and even your passwords, it still causes a lot of errors on the Windows system due to the fact that your computer will not be able to process the files it needs this part of your PC.