WordPress missing a temporary folder

Wordpress missing a temporary folder

WordPress missing a temporary folder

What is the Missing Temporary Folder WordPress Error

The temporary folder error that is missing in WordPress is actually caused by a PHP parameter in your cPanel. This error specifically prevents you from downloading media and installing or updating themes on your website. To download media or use themes in WordPress, the CMS must have access to your temporary folders. A specific parameter defines these folders. This error occurs when your folder is not defined by your PHP configuration.

You may have changed these settings yourself and caused the problem, but it is unlikely that you will try to change them and it is very likely that this is an error caused by your web host. Once you have resolved the problem, you must report it to your web host. If it does not, consider changing the web host. Once the error is corrected and your web host makes the appropriate corrections, it should not happen again.

What is the cause behind the “Missing temporary folder” error?

If you have set an incorrect PHP setting in your WordPress hosting environment, the “Temporary folder missing” error may appear on your site. A specific PHP setting allows you to define a temporary folder that stores temporary data from applications such as WordPress. This data is stored there before being saved to the desired location.

When you upload an image, install or update a plugin or WordPress kernel, this temporary folder must be accessible to WordPress.

If the PHP configuration of your server does not define the location of this folder, WordPress will not be able to access it and will generate the error “Temporary folder missing”.

Now that you know the reason for such an error, read the instructions below to find a solution.

How to Fix the Missing Temporary Folder Error

One way to solve the temporary folder problem that is missing in WordPress is to edit the wp_config.php file on your site. Follow the steps below.

  1. Connect to your WordPress site via an FTP client.
  2. Find the wp_config.php file and open it.
  3. Edit the file by copying and pasting the code below. Code must be pasted BEFORE “That’s all, stop editing. Good blogging! “Online.
  4. define (‘WP_TEMP_DIR’, directory name (__ FILE__). ‘/ wp-content / temp /’);
  5. When editing is complete, click Save.
  6. Now, download the newly modified wp_config.php file on your WordPress site.
  7. Find the folder / wp-content /.
  8. Create a new folder in the folder / wp-content / and call it Temp.
  9. Check if you can see the Temp folder with other folders such as plugins, themes, languages, etc.