WordPress page update failed

Wordpress page update failed

WordPress page update failed


Adding changes to your WordPress site is a good practice to keep it interesting to read. But what if the changes you made to the content or design are not validated. In fact, WordPress pages are not updated with the changes you made. It’s a shame. I’ve received many queries asking users to make many changes to the theme, page, message, or WordPress widget. But, the changes or changes do not occur at all after the backup or publication. How are you going to solve this problem? Let’s discuss in detail “How to solve the problems of updating WordPress pages”.

How to fix WordPress page updates not working

Some common factors are responsible for not updating your WordPress website. These are not difficult to manage for WordPress. Let’s see the reasons and the solutions

  1. Poorly Configured Cache plugin

You will try to empty all the caches. This can be easily done by the settings of the plugin. Suppose you have a W3 Total Cache plugin. Go to its Settings page and click the empty cache option. Now all the changes will be visible on the main page.

clear the cache using wordpress page updates from the W3 Total Cache Plugin plugin

You can also control what should be cached by the plugin. W3 Total Cache provides this with the page cache feature. Move to the menu under Page Cache. There is an option to not cache the home page. As default, the home page is cached, check this option to not cache it.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Updates to the Settimgs wordpress page do not work

If none of these solutions work for you, you can try to disable the cache plug-in. For this, simply disable the plugin. Go to the list of installed plug-ins in the left pane of the WordPress dashboard and disable cache plug-ins.

  1. CDN not enabled

You primarily activate the CDN with a cache plugin. you can try to disable or bypass CDN temporarily. To disable it, go to W3 Total Cache Plug-in General Settings and uncheck Enable CDN. CDN off will make your WordPress site work as expected. Now all the changes will be visible.

CDN settings with wordpress page updates from the W3 Total Cache Plugin plugin do not work

  1. Old Browser Cache

To resolve this problem,

Just press CTRL + F5 or Cmd + R on Mac for Google Chrome. You can also clear the cache by moving in the settings. Settings → History → Clear the cache. It will reload the page and show you the newly updated pages. Similarly,

Firefox – Click CTRL + SHIFT + R or navigate to Options → Privacy & Security → Cached Web Content – Clear Now

Internet Explorer – Hold down the SHIFT button and click the REFRESH button. You can also do it from the cogwheel. Security → Delete Browsing History → Temporary Internet Files and Web Site Files. Then click Delete.

Safari – Go to the browser menu, then click Safari → Reset → Clear Cache or click CTRL + ALT + E.

Opera – Select Settings → Preferences → Advanced → History.

Select the Disk Cache section and empty the cache by clicking Empty Now. You can also use CTRL + SHIFT + DEL to open this menu and delete private data.

  1. Old Server Cache

You can disable caching of web pages through the control panel of your web host. Otherwise, you can contact your web host to disable caching of web pages.

  1. Modifications at the Incorrect Place

Pay attention to the source file and the specific file chosen to display the changes. Try to give distinct, easily distinguishable names to different files and folders on your website.

Second, match your URL settings in your options panel to the database.

  1. Working on the Wrong Theme

Match the pages you made the changes to and the page you are viewing. Sometimes you overwrite the file but it has not been completely overwritten. Delete the original file from the host server and load the new one.