www.roku.com/link Activation


www.roku.com/link Activation


The Roku reader is one of the world’s highest rated streaming devices. Roku offers a wide range of channels, some of which are exclusive to Roku. In order to access the Roku device, you will need to create an account on Roku and also activate it. You must follow certain steps in the same order and you will not encounter any difficulty activating your Roku device.

Get Roku Activation Code using www.roku.com/link activation 

Write down the Roku link code and enter it in the space required for device activation, which usually appears on the screen. Make sure you enter the valid Roku link activation code. If you have trouble using the code, get a new code by pressing the STAR button on your remote.

  1. Activation of Roku Streaming Player using Roku.com/link
  2. Read the instructions below to activate your Roku streaming player.
  3. To start, run the hardware configuration, then connect the cables (power and HDMI).
  4. We start creating the Roku free account by visiting roku.com/signin
  5. Visit the Roku.com/link URL and provide the required data, including your name, e-mail ID, and password.
  6. Once the account is created, log in and go to Roku.com/link
  7. Start entering the activation code or Roku link code that you noted from the device display screen.

www.roku.com/link activation

How to setup Roku using link activation code using www.roku.com/link activation?

The configuration process we are going to discuss applies to all Roku models; so, no matter what Roku device you use, you can still configure your Roku device by following the steps below. Note that some older models do not use the HDMI cable as the primary video connection style to transmit a video signal to the TV. However, the configuration process works for 98% of recent Roku models. For those who use older models, check what video connection style is present on Roku and on TV.

Important notes of entering Roku link code

  • Get the Roku link code on your TV and enter it in the text field of the webpage using a tablet or keyboard.
  • Offers payment information. Choose your favorite channels. Now you have finished streaming.
  • Say it, spread it. Perform a voice search through your Android and cellular apps.
  • If you have the brand new Roku (model 4230), you can also use the search button on the remote control.
  • Enjoy your new device. The Roku device can broadcast HD content in 720p, 1080p or 4k resolution depending on the Roku player you have chosen.

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