Xbox error code 0x80A40008

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Xbox error code 0x80A40008

Xbox error code 0x80A40008

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You receive the following error message when you try to connect to your Xbox profile or recover your profile on your Xbox One console:

"There was a problem and we could not continue 0x80A40008"

This can mean one of the following things:

  • There is a problem with Xbox Live connectivity.
  • You entered incorrect Microsoft account information (email address or password).
  • There is a problem with your Microsoft account.
  • You have too many accounts stored on your Xbox One console.

Solutions to fix Error 80A40008 

To solve this problem, try the following solutions.

Solution 1: Check the Xbox Live service status

If you see any alerts here, wait until the service is up and running and try again:

Solution 2: Test your Xbox Live connection

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select all settings.
  4. Select Network.
  5. Select Network Settings.
  6. Scroll to the right and select Test Network Connection.

If you receive the message "All is well," try connecting to your Xbox profile. If you do not receive this message, try the Xbox One Network Connection Error solution.

Solution 3: Remove and re-add your account

  • Remove your account from the console. Here’s how:
  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select all settings.
  4. Under Account, select Delete accounts.
  5. Scroll to the right and highlight your account to select it.
  6. Select Delete.
  • Restart your console. Here's how:
  1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Restart console.
  4. Select Yes to confirm.
  • Re-add your account to the console. Here's how:
  1. Press the Xbox key to open the guide and select Connection.
  2. Scroll to Manage accounts.
  3. Select Add new.
  4. Enter the email address and password for your Microsoft account, and select Enter.
  5. Check the privacy settings you have set for your account. These apply to any Xbox One console to which you connect.
  6. Select Next.
  7. On the Choose Color screen, select the color of your Home screen to differentiate yourself from other users on this console.
  8. Select Next.
  9. When you remember that the player is associated with your profile, select Next.
  10. Select your connection preferences.

Solution 4: Remove all accounts on the console

If you have a large number of accounts registered on your console, delete them all and restart the console before adding your account, as indicated in solution 3 above. If, after deleting all accounts and adding yours, you still can not log in, you will need to restore the factory settings to the console. Please read and follow the instructions found here very carefully.