Xbox One Error Code 0x800c000b

Xbox One Error Code 0x800c000b

Xbox One Error Code 0x800c000b


One has to wonder if the operating system of the Xbox One is more stable than Windows 10. Unfortunately, every time an error code pops out of nowhere, there is not much to do to solve the problem. Fortunately for those who may have seen the Xbox One error code 0x800c000b, you can do some things. This can happen if Party Chat does not work, if control check fails, or when users can not sign in to their Xbox account, which can be a problem for those who want to play online.Xbox One Error Code 0x800c000b

How to Fix Xbox One Error Code 0x800c000b ?

1] Check your internet connection

Unable to log in to your account may mean that your Internet connection is facing problems, so this is a point to consider. Maybe this has everything to do with your ISP, or probably your Xbox One settings are at fault.

A) Reset or restart your router

To restart your wireless router, you can connect and reconnect it, or press the shutdown button, and then turn it on again. It all depends on the type of wireless router you have at home. In terms of resetting the router, most devices have a tiny hole, and in that hole is a button designed to reboot the hardware. Get a pin or anything that can hold inside and hold it for 10 seconds.

B) Test network connection

Press the Xbox One button on your controller, then select Settings. After that, open All Settings and navigate to Network > Network Settings. Finally, click on Test Network Connection and keep an eye out for any major errors.

2] Restart the Xbox One

Most of the problems of users with their Xbox One are easily solved with a simple reboot of the system. This is the default action to take, so in this case, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. To restart, simply hold down the power button for up to 10 seconds. The console should turn off automatically. After that, press the back-to-back power button.

3] Check if Xbox Live is running smoothly

Whenever Microsoft performs maintenance on Xbox Live, there are several issues for Xbox One owners. The best step for now is to check if this Microsoft service is in use. This is the status report for Xbox Live services and should show you everything you need to know. If that does not help, you can empty your disk storage cache, change your MAC address, delete and reinstall your profile, or even consider resetting your Xbox One.