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Every WordPress site requires an SEO plugin. And when it comes to SEO plugins, Yoast SEO is by far one of the most popular options. SEO WordPress is inevitably a complex subject. And to remedy this, Yoast SEO has integrated many complex features to allow you to accurately control the SEO of your site.

As a result, even though the Yoast team has done great work trying to make SEO friendly for beginners, there is always a good chance that you will need help using Yoast SEO.

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Features of Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin with many built-in tools and features. Here is a quick overview of some of these features.

  • Change the SEO title and the SEO meta description of the post.
  • The title and meta description support taxonomies (for example, category and tags).
  • Preview snippets of Google search results.
  • Focus keyword tests.
  • Meta Robots Configuration:
  • Easily add noodp, meta embedd tags.
  • Easily noindex, or nofollow pages, taxonomies or entire archives.
  • Enhanced canonical support, canonical addition to taxonomy archives, publications and unique pages, and cover page.
  • Adjusting the footer / header.
  • Permalink cleans while allowing Google custom search.
  • Support of bread crumbs, with configurable titles of bread crumbs.
  • XML Sitemaps with:

– images

– Configurable Deletion of Item Types and Taxonomies

– Pages or articles that have not been indexed will not be displayed in the XML sitemap (you can also do this if you wish).

  • News Sitemap templates
  • .htaccess and robots.txt editor
  • Ability to Check Google Search Console, Yahoo Site Explorer and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Basic import operations for Platinum SEO Pack and All in One SEO plugins. (You can also use SEO Data Transporter to transfer features from themes such as Genesis kids themes).

Setting up and using Yoast SEO

When working with a self-hosted WordPress site, the Yoast SEO plug-in is one of the most valuable tools you can have. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and it’s easy to understand why. Whether you have a personal blog or a SEO professional managing a website for a client, Yoast is a powerful tool that can help you make your site as user-friendly as possible.

Yoast SEO can be installed on any self-hosted WordPress site. (Sorry, free WordPress.com bloggers.) This is the most complete WordPress plugin for SEO you can ask for and, best of all, it’s free! You have the option to buy Yoast SEO premium extensions for some additional features, but its most important features are part of the free plugin. With Yoast, you can easily perform tasks such as control titles and meta-descriptions, define your targeted keywords, track how often you use them, manage sitemaps, and more.