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How to activate the function and enter the code

In the popular Youtube application, there is a very useful service. And this article is dedicated to how a simple function can make selecting a video easier and easier to view, and just enter the code generated in the corresponding menu of the TV in another gadget.  A modern home without a TV is nonsense. After a long day of work, many of us spend time near the screen to enjoy the broadcast of your favorite channel. But among us, there are those who prefer YouTube to live shows, and we can not deny that watching your favorite videos in good resolution and all this big plasma screen! code

YouTube com activate how to enter the code from the TV

Let’s start! Our job is to stream the video you liked on one of your home devices to the TV in the preinstalled YouTube app. To do this, you need a simple action: find the coupling code of the two widgets, which we are going to do now. Here’s how to get this magic code and make YouTube use more convenient and entertaining!

First, open the application on the TV, go immediately to me and click on “Settings”. We need the “Link device” element, by clicking on which you will see on the screen the same activation code without which it will not be possible to connect the two devices.

Now, set aside the TV remote control and take the mouse from the computer. On your laptop or computer, go to your YouTube account and look for the “Connected TVs” section. If done correctly, the browser will ask for the activation code currently displayed on the TV. Now click on “Add”. This operation is performed once. At the very beginning, the setting is remembered and when you reuse the service, you do not need to request a new code.

You can get the activation code in another way: to do this, you must activate the “Connection” command directly on YouTube, this also initiates the activation code on the screen. Well and now, in all standard computer browsers, we switch to, we enter your account or channel and enter the received code into the TV. All you have to do is click on “Allow” and you can now control the widget on the TV directly from the computer.

Remember that it is very important not to be wrong in the address. So we type carefully or use the reference to the service (you can access it directly from here). code enter the code from the phone

Such a service can be used and if your smartphone runs on Android OS, the Youtube application of the “green robot” also perceives the activation code generated by our Smart TV.

How we do it?

  1. We go to the sub-menu “Link devices”, as described above;
  2. Now open Youtube on the mobile gadget, access your account in the usual way;
  3. In the “Connected TVs” section, add an additional device via “Add a TV”.
  4. We enter the activation code received, we confirm the action by an additional click on “Add”;

There is another version of the interface, which is also quite simple and can be used as an alternative to the method described in the previous paragraph. Open the “Settings” of the Youtube widget on the TV, select “Connect to a mobile device”, then on the phone in the browser, click on the link and enter the code received on the TV. It only remains to confirm your choice by clicking on “Add” and you can use the service for your own pleasure.

Youtube com activate smart tv

Your attention is an interesting video on the configuration of Youtube that can be activated on TVs of the Smart generation.

How to use code

To fully access the opportunities offered by Youtube on modern television, you must associate the widget with profiles in Google and Youtube. You can synchronize as follows: On a TV with smart features, open Youtube and select “Sign In”; The screen should display the activation code; On your mobile gadget (smartphone, tablet or laptop), open; If the address in the browser is entered correctly, you will see an entry in the Google profile. If you log in with your password, enter the code that issued the TV in the window that appears. Now, all you have to do is click on “Next”, confirm your action with the “Accept” button and take advantage of the new management possibilities of the application from mobile devices. You now have the most complete information about connecting different devices to YouTube on Smart TV. Remember that for the procedure to be successful, the TV and the connected device must be connected via the same router! Have a good view!