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YouTube is unquestionably the largest video library in the world owned by Google Inc. It hosts billions of videos on different niches of human life, ranging from entertainment to the art of living through technology, religion, etc. Most people also wanted enabled on their devices.

With the devices here, we are not talking about a smartphone or a laptop. We hear smart TVs, other TVs and electronic gadgets. Activate is what everyone wants and we will examine it in a few moments. In this article, we will discuss how to enable on different devices. This is the result of a series of research that we have conducted on this subject. Most of these devices require connection to URL and you must of course have a Google account with which you can activate device

How to activate YouTube on different devices

The different devices will be discussed individually in order to simplify the process. They are easy and should not, under normal circumstances, take up to 10 minutes of your time.

You can easily activate YouTube with on your Roku, KODI, Xbox One, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, PS3 and PS4, etc. in a few simple steps. People watch and manage YouTube videos on their Internet-connected devices. After putting smart TVs and the latest TVs on the Internet on the market, people started watching YouTube videos on their TVs. In addition, the activation process of consists of a few steps.

How to create a YouTube account on devices

  1. Create a YouTube account will open a number of new features.
  2. You’ll be able to subscribe to your favorite channels, set reminders for downloading videos from your favorite content creators, and comment and interact with live videos in the chat.
  3. To create a YouTube account, go to and click the Registration tab.
  4. If you have a Smart TV, go to the Smart Hub to activate YouTube.
  5. Complete the form with your email address and password, and click Continue.
  6. Select the country you are in from the drop-down menu, as well as some personal information, such as your age and gender.
  7. Click Finish and you will now have a YouTube account.
  8. From there, you can subscribe to content creators and start interacting with your favorite YouTubers.