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The Nintendo Switch offers a huge library of incredible games, all downloadable from Nintendo eShop, but YouTube was a huge omission at launch. It’s available for just about every other platform, from the PS4 to most smart TVs, so why did not it appear on the Nintendo Switch?

The good news is that Google has officially launched a YouTube application for Nintendo Switch, nearly 18 months after the launch of the console. Keep reading to find out more about nintendo switch.

How to Download and Sign in to your YouTube Account on your Nintendo Switch:

Step 1 – Own a Nintendo switch and a Nintendo account. If you do not have a Nintendo account, click here to create one.

Nintendo Login

Step 2 – Go to the online store on your switch.

Step 3 – The YouTube app does not appear in the What’s new section, so be sure to click Search.

Step 4 – In the search, enter the keyword “YouTube” and press Search.

Step 5 – YouTube will be the only item that appears. Click on it and then on the download tab.

Step 6 – Quit the eShop and wait for it to download.

Step 7 – Once downloaded, click on the YouTube icon and select the user account you want to use.

Step 8 – Once YouTube has started, a tool containing icons appears on the left side of the screen. Click on the symbol of a person. If you have already synchronized an account, you can add another if you wish.

Step 9 – A code will then be shown to you and you will be asked to go to nintendo switch on your computer or mobile device.

Step 10 – When the web page is loaded, enter the 8-digit code. (Make sure to use the space between the two sets of 4 letters / numbers.)

Step 11 – If you entered the code correctly, if you have multiple accounts, you will be prompted to select the account you want to synchronize.

Step 12 – Once you have selected the account you want to synchronize, be sure to allow. You have now synced your YouTube account and are free to see what you want. You are also free to synchronize with another account if you wish.

Nintendo Parental Control and Login

The Nintendo Switch app has parental control, which is in the system settings of the console. Access to the YouTube app can be locked if parental control is enabled.

Nintendo Parental Control and Login

  • To enable or disable parental control on your Nintendo switch:
  • Go to the system settings.
  • Select Parental Control.
  • Select Parental Control Settings.
  • Select Use your smart device or Use this console.
  • Select the desired restriction level.
  • For the “Pre-Adolescents” and “Children” restriction levels, the Nintendo Switch application is locked. For “Teen” and “Unrestricted”, the app is unlocked.

Note: If you want to enable Parental Control but not necessarily for the YouTube app, go to Custom Settings and then Restricted Software.