Youtube error Adblock

Youtube error Adblock


Adblock is without a doubt one of the most useful browser extensions of all time. Its main purpose is to prevent ads from interfering with your browser experience. Some people think it’s the best thing and some do not like it at all (depending on the point of view). However, people started to notice that Adblock was not working so well with YouTube anymore. Some believe that Google is fighting against Adblock users because the ads are used by Google to make money. Even though the battle may seem lost, we may have some solutions to try. Make sure to follow the methods below!

There are several reasons for this problem. Any of them could be causing this problem on your computer. Browse them below and follow their solutions.

Youtube error Adblock

  1. Are you using the YouTube app

Many users forget that AdBlock is just an extension, which only works on Internet browsers. It does not work on applications. AdBlock can only block ads that appear on the web pages you visit on your browser. If you are browsing mobile, try using YouTube on the browser. However, AdBlock is only supported on Safari browsers on iOS devices and on some Android devices with a Samsung browser. If you use Chrome, Firefox or Opera, AdBlock will not work on your smartphone.

  1. Restart your Computer

If something is wrong on your computer or something is not working, the best solution is to reboot your system. Almost 95% of times this solves the problem.

  1. Are your “Acceptable Ads” turned ON?

The Acceptable Announcements option is probably enabled in the AdBlock settings. This could cause you to see ads when you surf on YouTube. It is also known as non-intrusive advertising in AdBlock. This can be disabled by following these steps:

Step 1. Click the AdBlock icon / button and select Options.

Step 2. Under the GENERAL tab, uncheck the “Allow some non-intrusive ads” box.

Step 3. Then select the FILTER LISTS tab and uncheck the acceptable ads.

This should allow AdBlock to work properly on YouTube. If not, follow the next.

  1. Your “Filter Lists” are Outdated

Sometimes the problem is related to obsolete filter lists. You do not need to update it often because they are scheduled to update automatically. But as you are having problems with AdBlock, we suggest you update it manually. You can update your AdBlock filter lists by doing the following:

Step 1. Click the AdBlock icon / button and select Options.

Step 2. Go to the FILTER LISTS tab and click on update now.

Step 3. Leave the update process completed and restart your device.

This solution should fix the AdBlock blocking on YouTube, but if it persists, try the following method again.