Youtube Error While Loading

Youtube Error While Loading


You will get an error that reads as follows: Loading Error Press Retry and the message will reappear, no matter how many times you press to retry as shown. The error also tends to happen, especially if you have one of those older iPads that is still functional. There is also an exclamation that appears with the error.

Why is this Error Occurring?

The error occurs because your device software is usually out of date or out of date. This includes the application itself such as the YouTube app and the operating system of your device such as the iPad.

How to fix YouTube videos

Most of the time, upload errors appear due to a bad Internet connection or browser issues. Therefore, before proceeding to the troubleshooting methods, try these simple steps. They can solve your problem.

  1. Refresh the web page
  2. Close all tabs on your browser when viewing a YouTube video.
  3. Try to play the video in another browser
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Restart your router
  6. Switch to a faster Internet connection

Reasons of Youtube Error While Loading

  •  Internet connection issues

A slow or unstable Internet connection can cause error messages on YouTube. If this is the root cause of your problem, you will probably notice problems loading other websites and downloading files. YouTube requires a connection speed of 500 Kbps or higher to successfully stream video. You can try closing other tabs and programs to free up bandwidth, reset your network hardware, or switch to lower-quality playback through the cog icon on the video playback bar to try to fix the problem. An independent site such as can help give an accurate measure of your current connection speed.

  • Browser issues

Another possibility is that a problem with your browser or one of the extensions that is running is caused by the error. Accessing YouTube via another browser is one way to verify this. If you discover that your browser is involved, updating to the latest version, disabling unnecessary add-ons and additions, and installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player may all help to resolve the issue. Make sure Javascript is enabled in the browser of your choice to allow YouTube to work properly. See the instructions provided with your browser if you need help to do so.

  •  Platform issues

Some rights holders do not allow their content to be displayed on mobile devices. If you see an error message informing you that videos are not available on your platform, you will need to switch to a desktop computer to view them properly. It’s also possible that a temporary technical problem with the YouTube network will prevent you from watching videos. You can check it by visiting the Current Site Issues page in YouTube Help (link in Resources), as well as other sources such as the official YouTube Twitter account.

  • Video issues

If the error message is limited to one or two videos, it is more likely that the problem lies in the video itself. You may have to wait until the video is fully downloaded or may have been encoded incorrectly before downloading. Refreshing the page in your browser or clearing browser cookies and the temporary file cache can also help solve the problem. These two actions erase any temporary data that your browser has stored against the video you are trying to watch, which may have been corrupted or include bugs.