YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium


What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is more than a product of your life. Here’s what YouTube’s streaming service offers you:

  1. You can open another app on your mobile device and your YouTube video will continue to play in the background.
  2. You can download it later, which will definitely help you feel better.
  3. Watch YouTube Originals, exclusive content featuring celebrity stars that can be streamed via YouTube Premium.
  4. With your YouTube Premium subscription, you also have access to YouTube Music Premium. This can be one of the best features of membership. YouTube Music, such as Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora, allows you to stream a vast library of music. You can create stations or explore new versions. If you can not find the song you’re looking for, the app can search for it from the YouTube app and send you there to play it.
  5. If you rent your music, you will need to rent specific music for you. This is a very cool or super scary, depending on your perspective.

How much YouTube Premium costs

After the free one-month trial period, YouTube Premium costs $ 11.99 per month. For $ 6 more per month, you can add up to five family members to your Premium Membership.

10 family members

You can add family members to your YouTube Premium subscription. Laura McCamy / Business Insider

At $ 17.99 a month, it’s the best deal, especially if you have a big family. Family members must be at least 13 years old to use YouTube Premium.

What’s included?

As mentioned above, YouTube Premium comes with a host of gifts that make it a good monthly report at the requested fare.

All the old features of YouTube Red are here including:

  • Ad-free videos
  • Play videos in the background
  • Download videos for offline use
  • Access to all YouTube Originals content

In addition to these benefits, a YouTube Premium subscription also gives you full access to YouTube Music. With a YouTube Premium package, you can use YouTube Music to listen to ad-free music, let your music play in the background, and download songs / playlists to listen to offline.