YouTube SEO Factors: 200 Things to Consider for Optimization

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of YouTube SEO factors to consider for optimization? Look no further! In this article, Im going to share 200+ things you should consider for YouTube SEO optimization in 2023. These range from proven factors to controversial ones to SEO nerd speculation. YouTubes algorithm is made up of more than 200 ranking factors. Heres a list of all of them

1. Create a Longer video length
2. Create Keyword-rich titles
3. Using Descriptive tags
4. Using Optimized video thumbnails
5. Creating Quality content
6. Create Optimized video file name
7. Include transcripts
8. Use annotations
9. Optimize video description
10. Use relevant keywords
11. Include social sharing buttons
12. Encourage viewers to subscribe
13. Add in a call to action
14. Leverage YouTube Playlists
15. Use end screens
16. Use cards
17. Add suggested videos
18. Include external links
19. Use YouTube advertising
20. Engage with viewers
21. Respond to comments
22. Leverage collaborations
23. Participate in YouTube Communities
24. Engage with other channels
25. Create a YouTube channel trailer
26. Leverage YouTube Live
27. Create YouTube stories
28. Utilize YouTube ads
29. Leverage YouTube Analytics
30. Monitor YouTube comments
31. Monitor YouTube competitors
32. Use keywords in the video title
33. Optimize for featured snippets
34. Leverage long-tail keywords
35. Upload HD videos
36. Include searchable captions
37. Leverage YouTube SEO tools
38. Use topic-specific keywords
39. Use a brand tag
40. Use video series
41. Include YouTube tags
42. Utilize YouTube Cards
43. Leverage YouTube Embeds
44. Create YouTube playlists
45. Utilize YouTube End Screens
46. Cross-promote with other channels
47. Utilize YouTube copyright content
48. Leverage YouTube’s “Suggested Videos”
49. Leverage YouTube’s “Up Next” feature
50. Create a custom YouTube URL
51. Create a YouTube channel trailer
52. Create YouTube stories
53. Include relevant external links
54. Use channel art
55. Utilize YouTube advertising
56. Take advantage of YouTube’s “Featured Videos”
57. Incorporate YouTube’s “Suggested Videos”
58. Include YouTube featured images
59. Use YouTube’s “Recommended Videos”
60. Incorporate YouTube’s “Up Next” feature
61. Leverage YouTube’s “Recommended Channels”
62. Incorporate YouTube’s “Related Channels”
63. Incorporate YouTube’s “Recommended Videos”
64. Utilize YouTube’s “More From This Channel” feature
65. Incorporate YouTube’s “One Channel” feature
66. Leverage YouTube’s “Channel Home” feature
67. Utilize YouTube’s “Featured Channels” feature
68. Incorporate YouTube’s “Subscriber Count” feature
69. Utilize YouTube’s “Featured Videos” feature
70. Utilize YouTube’s “Recommended Video” feature
71. Leverage YouTube’s “Playlist” feature
72. Leverage YouTube’s “Subscription” feature
73. Utilize YouTube’s “Recent Activity” feature
74. Incorporate YouTube’s “Related Channels” feature
75. Utilize YouTube’s “Channel Suggestions” feature
76. Incorporate YouTube’s “Recommended Channels” feature
77. Use relevant keywords in the video title
78. Create captions and subtitles
79. Create keyword-rich tags
80. Create keyword-rich descriptions
81. Create keyword-rich titles
82. Create keyword-rich thumbnails
83. Optimize for featured snippets
84. Leverage long-tail keywords
85. Use topic-specific keywords
86. Use brand tags
87. Utilize annotations
88. Leverage YouTube channels
89. Promote videos in other channels
90. Leverage YouTube playlists
91. Use YouTube end screens
92. Use YouTube cards
93. Use YouTube stories
94. Use YouTube featured images
95. Leverage YouTube advertising
96. Leverage YouTube analytics
97. Monitor YouTube comments
98. Monitor YouTube competitors
99. Utilize YouTube copyright content
100. Cross-promote with other channels
101. Utilize YouTube’s “Suggested Videos”
102. Leverage YouTube’s “Up Next” feature
103. Create a custom YouTube URL
104. Create a YouTube channel trailer
105. Create YouTube stories
106. Include relevant external links
107. Use channel art
108. Utilize YouTube advertising
109. Take advantage of YouTube’s “Featured Videos”
110. Incorporate YouTube’s “Suggested Videos”
111. Include YouTube featured images
112. Use YouTube’s “Recommended Videos”
113. Incorporate YouTube’s “Up Next” feature
114. Leverage YouTube’s “Recommended Channels”
115. Incorporate YouTube’s “Related Channels”
116. Incorporate YouTube’s “Recommended Videos”
117. Utilize YouTube’s “More From This Channel” feature
118. Incorporate YouTube’s “One Channel” feature
119. Leverage YouTube’s “Channel Home” feature
120. Utilize YouTube’s “Featured Channels” feature
121. Incorporate YouTube’s “Subscriber Count” feature
122. Utilize YouTube’s “Featured Videos” feature
123. Utilize YouTube’s “Recommended Video” feature
124. Leverage YouTube’s “Playlist” feature
125. Leverage YouTube’s “Subscription” feature
126. Utilize YouTube’s “Recent Activity” feature
127. Incorporate YouTube’s “Related Channels” feature
128. Utilize YouTube’s “Channel Suggestions” feature
129. Incorporate YouTube’s “Recommended Channels” feature
130. Incorporate video transcripts 131. Incorporate video chapters
131. Leverage YouTube’s “Topic Channels”
132. Leverage YouTube’s “Trending Videos”
133. Leverage YouTube’s “Subscriptions”
134. Leverage YouTube’s “Videos for You”
135. Leverage YouTube’s “Watch Later”
136. Leverage YouTube’s “Liked Videos”
137. Leverage YouTube’s “Saved Playlists”
138. Leverage YouTube’s “Subscriptions Feed”
139. Leverage YouTube’s “Live Streams”
140. Leverage YouTube’s “Popular Videos”
141. Leverage YouTube’s “Popular Channels”
142. Leverage YouTube’s “Recommended Videos”
143. Leverage YouTube’s “Recommended Channels”
144. Utilize YouTube’s “Recommended Videos” feature
145. Utilize YouTube’s “One Channel” feature
146. Utilize YouTube’s “Featured Videos” feature
147. Utilize YouTube’s “More From This Channel” feature
148. Utilize YouTube’s “Recent Activity” feature
149. Utilize YouTube’s “Channel Suggestions” feature
150. Utilize YouTube’s “Featured Channels” feature
151. Utilize YouTube’s “Subscriber Count” feature
152. Utilize YouTube’s “Up Next” feature
153. Utilize YouTube’s “Recommended Videos” feature
154. Utilize YouTube’s “Related Channels” feature
155. Utilize YouTube’s “Recommended Channels” feature
156. Utilize YouTube’s “Suggested Videos” feature
157. Utilize YouTube’s “Playlist” feature
158. Utilize YouTube’s “Subscription” feature
159. Utilize YouTube’s “Live Streams” feature
160. Utilize YouTube’s “Popular Videos” feature
161. Utilize YouTube’s “Popular Channels” feature
162. Utilize YouTube’s “Videos for You” feature
163. Utilize YouTube’s “Watch Later” feature
164. Utilize YouTube’s “Liked Videos” feature
165. Utilize YouTube’s “Saved Playlists” feature
166. Utilize YouTube’s “Subscriptions Feed” feature
167. Utilize YouTube’s “Topic Channels” feature
168. Utilize YouTube’s “Trending Videos” feature
169. Include channels in playlists
170. Cross-promote with other channels
171. Promote videos through collaborations
172. Utilize YouTube recommended videos
173. Utilize YouTube suggested videos
174. Utilize YouTube up next
175. Utilize YouTube related channels
176. Utilize YouTube recommended channels
177. Utilize YouTube popularity metrics
178. Utilize YouTube videos for you
179. Utilize YouTube watch later
180. Utilize YouTube liked videos
181. Utilize YouTube saved playlists
182. Utilize YouTube subscriptions feed
183. Utilize YouTube topic channels
184. Utilize YouTube trending videos
185. Utilize YouTube custom thumbnails
186. Utilize YouTube video chapters
187. Utilize YouTube custom URLs
188. Utilize YouTube Channel trailer
189. Utilize YouTube stories
190. Utilize YouTube featured images
191. Utilize YouTube Advertising
192. Utilize YouTube Analytics
193. Utilize YouTube Search
194. Utilize YouTube Embeds
195. Utilize YouTube Live
196. Utilize YouTube Interactive Cards
197. Utilize YouTube End Screens
198. Utilize YouTube Channel Art
199. Utilize YouTube Live Streams