ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall


ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall

The free program “ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall” is a complete protection for your Windows PC and your private data. The antivirus software provides real-time protection and checks your computer for intrusions such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms or robots. A firewall also controls all access to your PC and prevents attacks from the Internet. This avoids suspicious online connections and prevents the spying of documents and personal data. Stealth mode makes your computer virtually invisible on the web. A daily update of the virus database as well as automatic updates of the program also offer security in the free version. In order for ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall to not bother you when you play on a PC, activate a game mode via the system tray and queries, scans, updates and warnings will be disabled.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall

No product is 100% effective against viruses and spyware. The ZoneAlarm Advanced Firewall monitors behaviors within your computer to detect and stop even the most sophisticated new attacks that bypass traditional antivirus and security suites.It provides access to the current database of antivirus signatures to protect against emerging threats. Real-Cloud Cloud Database contains the up-to-date reputation of files, web resources, and software that enhance traditional virus protection + firewall protection.

How to install ZoneAlarm Antivirus ?

  1. To begin installing your ZoneAlarm product, paid or trial, double-click or right-click on the installer and select Open.
  2. Windows User Account Control prompts you to allow the program to run. Click YES.
  3. Click QUICK INSTALL to begin the installation process.ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall
  4. When the End User License Agreement is posted, some versions of ZoneAlarm will have the option of not installing the Anti-Phishing browser extension for Chrome browsers. If you have not installed the Chrome browser, you will not have this option.
  5. Click Accept to continue.
  6. ZoneAlarm will download all the files needed for your version of Windows, and then start installing these files. This process may take a while so be patient.ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall
  7. When the installation is successful, you can click the FINISH button.

Configuring ZoneAlarm Firewall

  1. Click on Computer.ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall
  2. ZoneAlarm’s computer settings give you a basic firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware, application control, and PC debugging.ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall
  3.  Click “Settings” next to Basic Firewall.
  4. Now click on the “back arrow” and click on “Settings” next to Application Control
  5. You can further protect your computer by limiting program access.

Features of ZoneAlarm Antivirus Firewall

  • Antivirus / antispyware scanning engine

Detects and removes viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, bots and rootkits. Harness the power of the cloud to provide critical protection against the latest viruses with frequently updated signatures.

  • Two-way firewall

Lock hackers, block intrusions and make your PC invisible online with the same technology that protects 100% of Fortune 100 companies.

  • Anti-Phishing and site status

Blocks phishers, authenticates websites and warns you if a site is dangerous.

  • Application control

Restricts programs against malicious activity – by blocking attacks that bypass other defenses. Prevents malware from calling home or turning your PC into a bot.

  • Online backup

Back up files and restore your data in case of hardware malfunction. 2 GB free.


Errors of ZoneAlarm Antivirus

Zonealarm Error 1603

Zone Alarm Error 1619

Zonealarm Error Code 127